Woolwich is a funny place. For such a multicultural part of London to have it’s central  main square named after General Gordon of Khartoum is just weird. It’s even odder that LBG decided that the best way to refurbish the square was to put a BBC sponsored TV screen in the middle and sculpt the rest […]


Earlier in the year we had snow. I grabbed my fed and dashed out of the office to a copse nearby for some xp2 fun.  

More film and an old favorite view.

Again the fed2 and industar 26m combination. This is the view that met me when I first discovered Wins Common, about 6 hours later I made an offer on my house.      

Lenningrad 8, it bloody works

  It appears the selenium lightmeter works. Here is the proof, fresh from the first roll of xp2 to come back from Westend Cameras. There is a little lens flare apparent in some of the images so I have sourced a metal lens hood on ebay which could help although I have a horrible feeling […]


I picked up an old exposure meter to go with the fed 2 the other day. It’s a lenningrad 8, a good semipro meter from 1983. Being high end Soviet and intended for the export market it originally came with instructions. Which are a little confusing, here’s an extract: “Depending of an exposure determining method […]