A Cold and Snowy Night in Woolwich

More snow photo’s from General Gordon Square. Woolwich is trying to improve. It almost seems like an organic attempt to step out of Greenwich’s shadow and prove that it could be nice if people would just give it a chance. Maybe that is it; Woolwich isn’t that ugly now, it just looks ugly when compared […]


Woolwich is a funny place. For such a multicultural part of London to have it’s central  main square named after General Gordon of Khartoum is just weird. It’s even odder that LBG decided that the best way to refurbish the square was to put a BBC sponsored TV screen in the middle and sculpt the rest […]

Dawn in Woolwich

I commute a long way everyday, Plumstead to Chiswick. One of the few privileges of being out at 7am is the solitude, that and the sunrises. Fed2b, IndustratI61, Kodak Bw400cn, Contrast tweak in Lightroom and a simulated grad filter to bring out the clouds in the sky.


Another image from a walk. On the left hand side of the image you can just make out the weeping willow that appears in Solitude. The workflow here was my usual d3100 -> Lightroom 4 -> Topaz B&W Effects


The Thames Barrier. It could be a nice place to photograph. If the visitor car park was sensibly priced and the cafe were better than a ’70’s motorway services. Jo had to send a jacket spud back because it was still frozen. This is also the only time I used a tripod last summer.