Water, walking, walking on

J and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary recently. We dropped D at his Nanna and Grandpa’s and we escaped to Guildford for a day and evening. Jo was gracious enough to allow me 30 mins of playing with tripods and ND filters at the weir. BW conversion courtesy of Topaz BW tools. This was […]

July Portrait: Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye

July’s portrait was a tough one. Work has been hard and the thought of rigging up for a portrait shoot has been daunting. However while out and about I have been playing with longer focal lengths on my cheap telephoto. 135mm on the d7000, 55-200mm nikkor, iso 100, 1/125. I should have the Wales trip […]

Bleak Weather

The weather is hellish here in London. Living on a hill besides on the south bank of the Thames it is almost even worse. It seems we have had drizzle and mist everyday for the last three months. We even had snow today, snow on the 4th of April. I loaded the Ranger Special up […]

Feb Portrait: Dylan again

It’s only month two of my 12 portraits in 12 months project  and I have already come close to failure. People seem happy enough to let me snap away at social gatherings but finding a victim to sit in front of me for an hour is a touch more troublesome. This months model is a […]


Another image from a walk. On the left hand side of the image you can just make out the weeping willow that appears in Solitude. The workflow here was my usual d3100 -> Lightroom 4 -> Topaz B&W Effects

Small stream in winter

This was a digital shot taken on the d3100 while on a family stroll. I am finding fallen leaves an absolute pain in the backside to deal with, miles of reflective things wiping all texture and colour out of an image. Topaz B&W effects was used here to get some grain into the image, and a […]


I may rely on B&W conversions too much but I love the tonal aspect of monochrome. It may be because I am partially colour blind or maybe  it is because I am of an age where reportage was in broadsheets and they were black and white. LR 4 for exposure adjustments & Framing / straighten […]