Topaz B&W

July Portrait: Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye

July’s portrait was a tough one. Work has been hard and the thought of rigging up for a portrait shoot has been daunting. However while out and about I have been playing with longer focal lengths on my cheap telephoto. 135mm on the d7000, 55-200mm nikkor, iso 100, 1/125. I should have the Wales trip […]

Sheerness Steps

Summer seems to be starting here in London, my wife and I decided to take our son to the seaside . The trip gave me an opportunity to take the Ensign Ranger out with a slower film. Last time out I had an ISO 400 film loaded and I was hampered by a lack of […]

Snow stopper

I promise that this will be the last of the fed2 snow photographs. There is a new camera on it’s way to the lodge, it’s medium format and older than anything I have tried before. Fed2b with Industar26m, Kodak BWcn400 -> Lightroom4 -> Topaz B&W Effects (for a bit of a contrast hike and a […]

Waiting for the Summer

The lake in Danson Park is a favourite spot for local walkers and we often take Dylan up there for a stroll in the fresh air. The grounds are quite pleasant, laid out by Nathaniel Richmond, assistant to Capability Brown. The tea rooms are fantastic and offer the best Darjeeling i have tasted in a long time. […]


Another image from a walk. On the left hand side of the image you can just make out the weeping willow that appears in Solitude. The workflow here was my usual d3100 -> Lightroom 4 -> Topaz B&W Effects

Small stream in winter

This was a digital shot taken on the d3100 while on a family stroll. I am finding fallen leaves an absolute pain in the backside to deal with, miles of reflective things wiping all texture and colour out of an image. Topaz B&W effects was used here to get some grain into the image, and a […]