August Portrait

In the wild this time. A photographer friend of mine with his daughter. Some people will hate the processing here. I had spend the day shooing a wedding on Portra on Medium Format. I felt like being daft with colours


Just back from a trip to Wales. Lovely scenery and of course the chance to shoot some falling water.   10sec exposure  @  f11 –  25mm wide setting on the Tamron SP 17-50

Water, walking, walking on

J and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary recently. We dropped D at his Nanna and Grandpa’s and we escaped to Guildford for a day and evening. Jo was gracious enough to allow me 30 mins of playing with tripods and ND filters at the weir. BW conversion courtesy of Topaz BW tools. This was […]

Sunsets and Cheap Ebay Cokin P filters

I took some Cokin P filters out for walk last week. Graduated ND filter to hold back the sky, ND4 and ND8 stacked + a graduated orange to add some colour into the sky which was red-ish but not exactly vibrant. Slight PP in LR4 to add a strong contrast a curve and a minor […]


I used to commute on the Docklands Light Railway. It can be quite a stunning journey with views across the old docks to one side and sweeping sections of the Thames swinging into view on the other. The stations themselves are stunning pieces of design, utilitarian concrete, steel, glass and mesh. Many of them are […]

July Portrait: Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye

July’s portrait was a tough one. Work has been hard and the thought of rigging up for a portrait shoot has been daunting. However while out and about I have been playing with longer focal lengths on my cheap telephoto. 135mm on the d7000, 55-200mm nikkor, iso 100, 1/125. I should have the Wales trip […]

June Portrait

This month’s image is a self-portrait. Late night, one soft box. Little to say about this one. Tripod mounted d7000, Tamron 17-55 2.8, softbox 10 degrees to the left of the camera and triggered by timer. Flash fired by rf-202 triggers. The background is my lounge wall.

May Portrait

It’s been  a busy month so I am going to use the great photographers get out clause. “Natural Light” portrait. This is a “Natural Light” portrait of my wife. This was captured with more vintage equipment, a Ricoh KR-10 and a Rikenon 1:2 50mm lens. The lens has a bit of internet folklore associated with […]

Medium Format : Ensign Ranger Special

The Sheerness Ensign Ranger film is back from Club 35. I was right in thinking these older cameras need a slower rated film in order to cope with such slow shutter speeds. I am still plagued with what might be light leaks. Three frames were unusable, three were perfect and two were rescued after an […]

Sheerness Steps

Summer seems to be starting here in London, my wife and I decided to take our son to the seaside . The trip gave me an opportunity to take the Ensign Ranger out with a slower film. Last time out I had an ISO 400 film loaded and I was hampered by a lack of […]

April: Off Camera Flash out into the sunshine

The sun is finally here, and with the sun comes new challenges. This months project was understanding how to use fill flash in daylight. I wanted the sun to act as a hair light on Jo, bringing out the red hue of her hair. That meant the scene would be backlit so my single flash […]

First Outing for the D7000

I have finally upgraded to a higher end digital body. The D7000 is a two year old model and is already superseded by the newer D7100 but it is a huge step up for me. It is stunningly good. I took it up to Docklands for a walkabout. The sun came out. It was glorious, […]