May Portrait

It’s been  a busy month so I am going to use the great photographers get out clause. “Natural Light” portrait. This is a “Natural Light” portrait of my wife. This was captured with more vintage equipment, a Ricoh KR-10 and a Rikenon 1:2 50mm lens. The lens has a bit of internet folklore associated with […]

Medium Format : Ensign Ranger Special

The Sheerness Ensign Ranger film is back from Club 35. I was right in thinking these older cameras need a slower rated film in order to cope with such slow shutter speeds. I am still plagued with what might be light leaks. Three frames were unusable, three were perfect and two were rescued after an […]

Bleak Weather

The weather is hellish here in London. Living on a hill besides on the south bank of the Thames it is almost even worse. It seems we have had drizzle and mist everyday for the last three months. We even had snow today, snow on the 4th of April. I loaded the Ranger Special up […]

Ranger Special

I have a new toy. £20 quid from ebay. It is a medium format folder and oddly enough enough shares a 1953 manufacturing date with the fed2b. It is strange to think that the Russians were building clones of cutting edge German camera technology while the British were still chasing what was already a 20 […]

Snow stopper

I promise that this will be the last of the fed2 snow photographs. There is a new camera on it’s way to the lodge, it’s medium format and older than anything I have tried before. Fed2b with Industar26m, Kodak BWcn400 -> Lightroom4 -> Topaz B&W Effects (for a bit of a contrast hike and a […]

A Cold and Snowy Night in Woolwich

More snow photo’s from General Gordon Square. Woolwich is trying to improve. It almost seems like an organic attempt to step out of Greenwich’s shadow and prove that it could be nice if people would just give it a chance. Maybe that is it; Woolwich isn’t that ugly now, it just looks ugly when compared […]


Woolwich is a funny place. For such a multicultural part of London to have it’s central  main square named after General Gordon of Khartoum is just weird. It’s even odder that LBG decided that the best way to refurbish the square was to put a BBC sponsored TV screen in the middle and sculpt the rest […]


Earlier in the year we had snow. I grabbed my fed and dashed out of the office to a copse nearby for some xp2 fun.  

The childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day

That’s my Mother and my son. Fed2b, Industar26m, BW400cn

Dawn in Woolwich

I commute a long way everyday, Plumstead to Chiswick. One of the few privileges of being out at 7am is the solitude, that and the sunrises. Fed2b, IndustratI61, Kodak Bw400cn, Contrast tweak in Lightroom and a simulated grad filter to bring out the clouds in the sky.

St. Paul’s at night

More long exposure fun using the Fed2, Industar 61 and bw400cn film. The bottom area of the image is the top of the wall I had the camera balanced on. As an aside the fed is starting to get a bit beaten up and some of the vulcanised rubber has come off the back. I […]

More film and an old favorite view.

Again the fed2 and industar 26m combination. This is the view that met me when I first discovered Wins Common, about 6 hours later I made an offer on my house.