Techniques: Drinking Straw Snoots

Sometimes a flash can be too splashy, for example I often find myself wanting to pick one person out of a crowd in a party environment. In the picture above I wanted to highlight the girl while keeping the father lit but on the periphery of the image. The rest of the photo I wanted […]

Make your own bottleneck slide

I have never really liked store brought glass slides, they tend to be very thin walled and too wide for my spindly long fingers. I have a couple of brass slides that do well for belting out Son House style acoustic stuff but for  low action electric playing, ( I wear my slides on my […]

TapeOp Magazine DIY Omni Mics

I need more mic’s. I seem to have lost one dynamic, ( along with a Dallas rangemaster clone, which is bloody annoying), another dynamic seems to be on a  long term loan to Mr Drummer. I have spent the last few weeks browsing cheap large diaphragms on thomann But a visit to Amsterdam to see […]