Dawn in Woolwich

I commute a long way everyday, Plumstead to Chiswick. One of the few privileges of being out at 7am is the solitude, that and the sunrises. Fed2b, IndustratI61, Kodak Bw400cn, Contrast tweak in Lightroom and a simulated grad filter to bring out the clouds in the sky.

St. Paul’s at night

More long exposure fun using the Fed2, Industar 61 and bw400cn film. The bottom area of the image is the top of the wall I had the camera balanced on. As an aside the fed is starting to get a bit beaten up and some of the vulcanised rubber has come off the back. I […]

London Bridge and Seal House at night

I often shoot c41 process B&W film. It’s cheap to buy and cheap to get processed and I don’t have the spare time to dev at home. In researching various emulsions it became apparent that there is a huge amount of latitude in this stuff, people talk about treating xp2 and 400cn as anything from […]

Baby Photography, babies in plant pots and “ghost mothers”

Those are Dylan’s feet, he must have been days old when I took that photo. It has been fantastically popular with family and friends and fairly popular with the internet as a whole. I like it a lot, it’s “baby” without being “horribly cute”.  It also reminds me of the hours my wife and I […]


Another image from a walk. On the left hand side of the image you can just make out the weeping willow that appears in Solitude. The workflow here was my usual d3100 -> Lightroom 4 -> Topaz B&W Effects

Small stream in winter

This was a digital shot taken on the d3100 while on a family stroll. I am finding fallen leaves an absolute pain in the backside to deal with, miles of reflective things wiping all texture and colour out of an image. Topaz B&W effects was used here to get some grain into the image, and a […]


Climbing blocks in The Vale Park, Acton. This was the first run out for the fed2. Back then I was still using the Industar 26m lens. The Industar does well enough but it lacks click stops on aperture settings, which means it has an infuriating tendency to “drift” between shots. The lens is also prone […]

Jan Portrait: What, Why?

I have decided on two projects for this year. Firstly I am going to ” Be happier “, That one is simple: I am going to stop getting stressed about the things I can’t change and concentrate on the things I can change. So far so good on this. Secondly I am going to push […]

And again, and again – Dating fed cameras

I enjoy shooting film, in particular rangefinders. There is a poetry in finding exposure value, selecting an aperture and shutter speed. It is a slower way of working and far more constrained than shooting digital. For urban shooting it’s the right tool for me. The Fed2 is a russian copy of the classic Leica camera. […]


The Thames Barrier. It could be a nice place to photograph. If the visitor car park was sensibly priced and the cafe were better than a ’70’s motorway services. Jo had to send a jacket spud back because it was still frozen. This is also the only time I used a tripod last summer.


I may rely on B&W conversions too much but I love the tonal aspect of monochrome. It may be because I am partially colour blind or maybe  it is because I am of an age where reportage was in broadsheets and they were black and white. LR 4 for exposure adjustments & Framing / straighten […]

Techniques : Strobist (on a budget)

I made my first stab at this fashionable strobist methodology. As ever I am on a budget.   Equipment used: D3100 camera Kit Lens (18-55 VR) Yongnuo YN-467 II flash Yongnuo RF-602 triggers Rusks – to placate Dylan Dylan Hunter Weetman, (ie the Son) Everything apart from the triggers was already part of my kit […]