Sunsets and Cheap Ebay Cokin P filters

I took some Cokin P filters out for walk last week. Graduated ND filter to hold back the sky, ND4 and ND8 stacked + a graduated orange to add some colour into the sky which was red-ish but not exactly vibrant. Slight PP in LR4 to add a strong contrast a curve and a minor […]

The cult of faux film

I shoot film for three reasons: firstly  – I like the look of it, secondly –  I like the zen aspect of working with manual cameras. Thirdly – old tech is cool, I play guitar through a two knob valve amp for the same reason. However film is long-winded, expensive and there are times when it’s […]

Techniques: Drinking Straw Snoots

Sometimes a flash can be too splashy, for example I often find myself wanting to pick one person out of a crowd in a party environment. In the picture above I wanted to highlight the girl while keeping the father lit but on the periphery of the image. The rest of the photo I wanted […]

Techniques : Strobist (on a budget)

I made my first stab at this fashionable strobist methodology. As ever I am on a budget.   Equipment used: D3100 camera Kit Lens (18-55 VR) Yongnuo YN-467 II flash Yongnuo RF-602 triggers Rusks – to placate Dylan Dylan Hunter Weetman, (ie the Son) Everything apart from the triggers was already part of my kit […]