Cheap and nasty Attenuation

It’s been a while, life got, well lets just say life got…. In the meantime I came across some cheap l-pads on ebay which set me thinking about building a quick and dirty attenuator for my Harley Benton Ga5H, (its an dpi valve junior copy). An L-pad is basically a big variable resistor with enough […]

Make your own bottleneck slide

I have never really liked store brought glass slides, they tend to be very thin walled and too wide for my spindly long fingers. I have a couple of brass slides that do well for belting out Son House style acoustic stuff but for  low action electric playing, ( I wear my slides on my […]

Roller String Trees, is it really worth it?

Another of the El Cheapo guitars is my Tanglewood strat and story behind this one goes back a while; Once upon a time I had a lovely custom shop telecaster, abig ash bodied humbucker loaded custom shop one, the very same that Keef Richards used. I had to sell it in order to eat in […]

Replacing pickups in an Agile Les Paul Clone

My wife bought me some pups for my birthday. She is pretty cool like that. Both are Iron gears, it’s a brand I have been quite interested in for a few months now, ever since they started getting rave reviews on the uk forums. Seymour Duncan performance for half the price seems to be the […]

The quandry of the overpriced niche guitar

A long time ago I picked up an Italia Mondial Classic semi acoustic guitar. I have to admit I was swayed by the looks, it’s pink, it’s plastic and unique. It plays well enough, clubby 50’s style les paul type neck, maybe the action is a bit higher than I usually like but it works […]