Medium Format : Ensign Ranger Special

The Sheerness Ensign Ranger film is back from Club 35. I was right in thinking these older cameras need a slower rated film in order to cope with such slow shutter speeds. I am still plagued with what might be light leaks. Three frames were unusable, three were perfect and two were rescued after an hour or so in photoshop with the clone tool.

These leaks could be down to the expired film I have been using. I am out of medium format stock now so will splash out on something fresh for next time. If that doesn’t work I will drag out some electricians tape and start looking at seals.

Zone focusing is a tough art to master, especially in feet as I am used to working in meters on the Fed.  Thankfully the bright light on the day, (EV was around 15 according to my soviet meter),  meant I could run at F22 and get a huge depth of field.

These were shot  6 x 9 frame.



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