Bleak Weather

The weather is hellish here in London. Living on a hill besides on the south bank of the Thames it is almost even worse. It seems we have had drizzle and mist everyday for the last three months. We even had snow today, snow on the 4th of April.

I loaded the Ranger Special up with some expired Fuji 400 iso film and ran off a test roll. Using a folder was almost arcane, I was wandering around Plumstead Common in the driving mist, with a camera that looked like an accordion perched on top of a tripod. On reflection 400 iso film is way too fast for such old slow shutter speeds and tiny apertures. The cloud and mist leeched all the contrast out of the day and the images are flat to say the least.

I resorted to running the few half decent images through topaz B&W to get something useful. The header here is one of those images. I don’t think the camera was at fault. Here is a snap shot of a sunset from a day with rather better weather.

Turnham green - Ranger Special

Developing – First time with club35 who were brilliant, well priced, and very fast.

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