The cult of faux film

I shoot film for three reasons: firstly  – I like the look of it, secondly –  I like the zen aspect of working with manual cameras. Thirdly – old tech is cool, I play guitar through a two knob valve amp for the same reason. However film is long-winded, expensive and there are times when it’s not the right tool. At times you just have to cheat opt for a simpler work-flow and there is nothing wrong with that.

I recently discovered a great set of free film plugins for lightroom. Filmbot is made by a chap using film photos of calibration charts to create presets that capture the colour reproduction of films. Of course there is no grain included in that process. You can add a bit of grain in LR later, which is probably the best way to deal with grain.

This image is Dylan in the bath, D3100, TTL flash, diffused and bounced off the bathroom ceiling. There is a slight bit of LR trickery on his eyes, whitening and a bit of sharpening to make them pop. Then the Filmbot Agfa Precisa100 preset and finally some LR grain, Amount: 26, Size: 70, Roughness: 42. (which is very over the top for this film, I am having a lomo moment).

Get the presets here:

Project Files : –

fb page for the project : –

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