Ranger Special

I have a new toy. £20 quid from ebay. It is a medium format folder and oddly enough enough shares a 1953 manufacturing date with the fed2b. It is strange to think that the Russians were building clones of cutting edge German camera technology while the British were still chasing what was already a 20 year old design. Just goes to show how the technology grab that took place over conquered Germany shaped the world we live in today.

8  x 2¼×3¼ (6×9 cm) inch exposures or 12 x 2¼×2¼ inch (6×6 cm) on 120 film. (Achieved by metal hinged plates which fold into the body to blank off the exposed film).

Ensign Epsilon Shutter; 1/25 – 1/150 plus ‘B’ & ‘T’ (B being bulb, B being Timed, press open, press  again to close)

105 mm f/4.5 Ensar Anastigmat lens.

Now I just need some decent light.

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