March Portrait: Adventures in Softboxes

At the beginning of the year I set myself two goals, the first was “To be happier”, and that is going quite well; The trick is ¬†caring less about irrelevant things. The second was to produce a portrait every month for a the whole year. The only rule is that they have to be real portraits not candid or street shots.

Today was Mothers Day here in the UK and as my wife had recently commented that she had no “nice” photographs of our son and her. We took a little family time and tried a quick shoot.

D3100, flash in softbox at 8 o’clock, camera at f11 ish, shutter at 200. Wife and child in dining chair a foot in front of a white living room wall. Wall lit with a second flash triggered via optical slave mode and placed behind the chair “uplighting” the wall. The only post production is an extra stop of exposure in Lightroom 4 and a medium contrast S curve.

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