London Bridge and Seal House at night

I often shoot c41 process B&W film. It’s cheap to buy and cheap to get processed and I don’t have the spare time to dev at home. In researching various emulsions it became apparent that there is a huge amount of latitude in this stuff, people talk about treating xp2 and 400cn as anything from 200 to 1600 iso.

That set me thinking that this c41 b&W stuff might be well suited to long esposure photography. Remember I don’t use accurate light meters, just a cranky old selenium cell thing so any long exposure work was going to be guess based. If my film stock had a lot of latitude I could, probably, pull back overexposure in Lightroom?

A few weeks later I was out at the Tate Modern for a meeting. My walk home took me along the banks of the Thames. I snagged this shot using the river path wall as a support, Bulb setting, and counting time by counting elephants.

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