Jan Portrait: What, Why?

I have decided on two projects for this year. Firstly I am going to ” Be happier “, That one is simple: I am going to stop getting stressed about the things I can’t change and concentrate on the things I can change. So far so good on this. Secondly I am going to push my portraiture to a decent level. So far it has all been candid shots like this one. I like what they give me but they aren’t really portraits.

I am a firm believer that you learn by experimentation, (read that as learn by failure) and then you achieve perfection by practice. This year I am going to take a portrait a month and hopefully learn a bit in the process.

This image is the last of the candid shots and hopefully will set the bar for future shots. Fed2 & Kodak BW400cn, metered via the Leningrad meter -> Dev’d at Woolwich snappy snaps -> Contrast boost in Lightroom 4

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