Techniques : Strobist (on a budget)

I made my first stab at this fashionable strobist methodology. As ever I am on a budget.


Equipment used:

  • D3100 camera
  • Kit Lens (18-55 VR)
  • Yongnuo YN-467 II flash
  • Yongnuo RF-602 triggers
  • Rusks – to placate Dylan
  • Dylan Hunter Weetman, (ie the Son)

Everything apart from the triggers was already part of my kit bag.

The methodology is simple; camera to manual and set the shutter and aperture so that you catch nothing, this gives you your paupers black background. Adding the flash in illuminates the subject. Ambient light should give no image at all. In the picture of my son here the room was dim  but not dark, the flash is then added in to illuminate the subject.

I was holding the camera in my right hand and holding the flash in my left, angling it down towards Dylan.If you imagine the set up as a horizontal clock face: Dylan was in the centre, the camera at 6 and the flash at around half seven and maybe held 18 inches higher up than the camera.

You need a tight beam of light, you could buy a “snoot” or you could make one out of a rolled up bit of paper held in place with a couple of elastic bands. Or you could make a super snoot out of a pringle’s tin, a lot of drinking straws and a lot of electrical tape, (i’ll put up a post detailing this soon).

It should be petty obvious when things are wrong, if there is too much of the background showing then the camera isn’t closed down enough or you have light spilling around the place from your flash. Disable the flash for bit, check our aperture is small enough, (high f number), to give us that hugely under exposed effect of black images. If you have light spilling around check your snoot, It might not be light tight or you could have the beam misaligned.

This really simple technique is very easy to crack, give it a go?



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