I picked up an old exposure meter to go with the fed 2 the other day. It’s a lenningrad 8, a good semipro meter from 1983.

Being high end Soviet and intended for the export market it originally came with instructions. Which are a little confusing, here’s an extract: “Depending of an exposure determining method you choose, direct the light meter either on the photographing object or on the camera, having set the second measurement range preliminary. If deflection of the pointer by gauge scale doesn’t reach a note “12”, then it is necessary to move the measurement ranges button ahead against stop thus to turn into a more sensitive (i.e. the first) measurement range

Fortunately It seems sensible enough in use. Although it is much more rough and ready than the iPhone app I have been using for film metering up to now.

The key thing seems to be that old meters work on the entire scene they are pointed at compared to the iPhone app which spot meters wherever the red box appears on screen. Whilst comparing the two I have seen some widely differing results.

This should be interesting.

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