The quandry of the overpriced niche guitar

A long time ago I picked up an Italia Mondial Classic semi acoustic guitar. I have to admit I was swayed by the looks, it’s pink, it’s plastic and unique. It plays well enough, clubby 50’s style les paul type neck, maybe the action is a bit higher than I usually like but it works for blues. It’s never been a favorite of mine and really it should have been sold a long time ago, but there is a limited market for bright pink semi plastic semi acoustic guitars and I hate taking a hit on selling kit. I guess it is here to stay.

Mondial Classic

Cute isn’t it? I think I bought it while working with Hollywood Diner. It definitely appears in a few gig pictures from back then.

The problem is, the Wilkinson designed humbuckers are shockingly muddy. Muddyness is an issue for me, I tend to play through very low wattage valve amps for the “Mill Sessions” and all my drive comes from overdriven power tubes.  For the occasional studio rehearsal I’ll use whatever I can find as an amp and a stack of pedals, sovtek big muff, sd-1, maybe a voodoo vibe, maybe a few home built classic circuits. These wilkinson’s just don’t have the articulation required to give any kind of definition. Or is it the Wilkinson’s? According to Trev’s homepage they are nothing more than nickel covered PAF copies.

Anyhow, we will see soon. I have always wanted  something loaded with p90’s and axesrus have a very decent deal on some very budget units. Wife approval shouldn’t be necessary for the outlay. If I get lucky I can ebay the wilkinson units and almost cover the purchase.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out.



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